Teeth Whitening Treatments


To prepare for your treatment we ask that you do not visit the Hygienist two weeks prior to your appointment

Do not brush your teeth four hours prior to treatment.



24 hours after your treatment 

Do Not 

  • Drink any coloured liquids or staining substances such as: coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce or cola’s. Only white and clear liquids
  • Eat any coloured foods such as: beetroot, carrots, blueberries, and such like. Only white foods. We can provide you with a white diet recommendation list on request.
  • Smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco containing products 
  • Use coloured toothpaste  


  • Adhere to a white diet (suggestions provided on request) 
  • Book your top up treatment before you leave (or from the online booking portal at your convenience) 

 To Maintain Your Smile Long Term  

  • Top up treatments are recommended every 6 months. If left longer you risk having to repeat a full cycle treatment again 
  • Brush your teeth regularly with whitening toothpaste 
  • Visit your dentist regularly 
  • Minimise consumption of coffee, tea and other staining food and drinks 
  • Minimise cigarette smoking 

 If you have any concerns about your treatment today, please text or email the clinic.