Spray Tan Treatments


To get optimal results from your tan we recommend exfoliating and shaving/waxing 24 hours before your spray tan. Waxing or shaving too soon before tanning will leave grainy spots in the open pores.

Do not wear any lotions or creams on the areas being tanned. Remove makeup if you would like your face treated.

Do not wear deodorant as it can turn the area green. If you are perspiring during the day, wash with a damp cloth before treatment. Ensure you are completely dry so no moisture is in the area.

Remember to wear dark loose fitting clothes, open toed shoes and remove your jewellery (don’t forget your hair tie).

We will provide disposable pants, however if you feel more comfortable wearing your own, it is up to you.



Wear loose fitting underwear and no bra if possible. 

You will be advised when to wash off for best/desired results. 

Avoid getting wet before it is time to wash off. Be mindful if you are washing dishes or around water. 

When washing off the tanning solution, it is best done without the use of products (soap, body wash). Try not to touch at all if possible, just let the water run over your body and avoid using your hands to wash it off. Gently pat yourself dry.

Remember Chlorine will fade your tan quicker 

Continue to moisturise daily. We recommend Byron Bay Gradual Tanning Lotion for prolonging your tan. (Available in clinic)

Avoid waxing after your tan as it may remove the tan