Skin Resurfacing Treatments


Must have had prior treatment or consultation

Do not have Muscle relaxant or Dermal Filler treatment 1 week prior to this appointment.

Ensure there are no active cold sores or skin infections



Over the next 24 hours, your skin may feel stinging or hot, tight, red.

Flaking, peeling, dryness are common and are expected.


  • Don’t use your personal skincare, only use the products from the prescribed home care kit you will receive at your first appointment.

Over the next three days after treatment


  • Do only use face cleanser and moisturiser
  • Do use aftercare products


  • Any active products for the first 7 days following your treatment
  • Direct sun exposure
  • Makeup for 24 hours after your treatment unless you are using Oxygenetix

Ensure that when you are applying any products to your skin you have washed your hands thoroughly prior to application.

Please text or email the clinic if you have any concerns.