-30 min


Mono threads are smooth threads with no barbs. These thread types are wonderful for tightening the skin when lifting is not necessarily required. Multiple mono threads are positioned into the face or neck in a mesh-like fashion producing a fantastic skin-tightening result. MONO threads are made from the same material as dissolving internal stitches. This means when placed into areas that need extra tightening, collagen forms all around the threads, providing tightening of the skin. The thread then dissolves, leaving newly formed collagen which firms and tightens up the treated area. Great for face and neck areas.

Usually between 20-70 mono threads are required. These all depend on individual needs and bruising. This is a good treatment to add after a Beauty Booster while the skin is nice and numb.

Pricing: From $15.00 per thread
Downtime: Usually some bruising that can last a week
Discomfort Level: Minimal

-60 min


A minimally invasive micro-needling therapy to stimulate collagen production, enhance skin texture and give you ultimate skin rejuvenation. Remove dead skin cells, encourage cell turnover, brightening of the skin and increase hydration. Infuse serums to target your skin issues, pigmentation, or fine lines. LED Light Therapy can
be used with this treatment. Options in clinic – Corrective Dermal Needling for your more targeted therapy. Consultation required.

Pricing: $249.00 (Individual Treatment) $599.00 (Prepaid for 3 Treatments) $999.00 (Prepaid for 6 Treatments)
Downtime: Some redness 24 hours after treatment
Discomfort Level: Topical anaesthesia optional

-30 min


MeLine Pigmentation Peel is a medical grade peel, also described as ‘controlled chemical dermabrasion’. The application of MeLine is a specially formulated peel mask that lifts away the top layer of dead skin cells. The treatment is a three-step process – 1. Preparation 2. Peel 3. Prescribed aftercare products for home use.

The treatment course is completed over a 2-month period. This treatment is the gold standard at removing sun damage pigmentation.

Pricing: $1200.00 ($600 payable on collection of home care products to prepare for Peel and $600 payable day of Peel treatment). Includes follow up appointments.
Downtime: Can wear makeup the next day. Your skin will be flaking for several days after the peel
Discomfort Level: None. A feeling of warmth a few hours later.

-30 min


LED Light therapy is a gentle and relaxing skin treatment that uses light emitting diodes (LED’s) to deliver wavelengths of light. Is pain free, non invasive and suitable for all skin types and colours.


Improve collagen and elastin by stimulating deeper skin cell layers

Stimulates your body’s natural processes to heal and rejuvenate the skin

UV-free light to reduce inflammation and improve healing and the skins regenerative process

Enhances your body’s natural cellular recovery, aids in pain relief

Hydration levels are boosted, which gives the skin a youthful glow

Helps in the fight against acne by targeting bacteria associated with acne

Pricing: $55.00 (casual per session) $50.00 (concession per session – prepaid 8 treatments) $40.00 (multiple areas – per area)
Downtime: None
Discomfort Level: None

-60 min


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a natural therapy based on harnessing the natural healing powers of your own blood. Autologous PRP has become a highly sought after non-surgical procedure for skin rejuvenation and repair based on your own blood’s platelets and plasma to stimulate new cell growth, and to reverse the signs of aging like pigmentation, lines, loose skin and scarring. Used to treat sun damaged and ageing skin, around the eyes and neck. A 30 minute consultation is required to determine suitability and treatment plan.

Pricing: $600 per area or ($1700.00 Prepaid for 3 Treatments)
Downtime: Redness , bruising and inflammation may occur 24-48 hours after treatment
Discomfort Level: Topical anesthetic applied

-60 min


The Secret RF™ is one of the most technologically advanced forms of skin rejuvenation therapy available and is a gold standard medical grade needling device. Its powerful combination of fractional radio frequency energy and minimally invasive micro-needles is ideal for non-surgical skin tightening, wrinkle and pore size reduction, acne, and acne scar treatment. All skin types can be treated by the Secret RF with minimal downtime. Three treatments are recommended at one month intervals. Pricing includes topical anesthetic and follow-up appointments. A 30 minute Consultation is required to determine suitability and treatment plan.

Pricing: $1590.00 (Prepaid for initial 3 Treatments) Boosters $650 thereafter
Downtime: Some redness 24 hours after treatment
Discomfort Level: Topical anesthetic applied

-75 min


A combination of The Secret RF and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments. Otherwise known as the Vampire Facial. Three treatments are recommended at one month intervals. A 30 minute consultation is required to determine suitability and treatment plan.

Pricing: $2490.00 (Prepaid for 3 Treatments) or $990.00 per treatment/vial
Downtime: Some redness 24 hours after treatment
Discomfort Level: Topical anesthetic applied



-60 min


Skin resurfacing Treatments are minimally-invasive treatments that target specific skin problems. All first-time treatments include a homecare pack with all skincare necessary for post-peel. We have a range of pHformula skin resurfacing treatments, all of which are well tolerated by most clients and designed to deliver optimal results while minimising downtime:
MELA Skin Resurfacing is a powerful hyper-pigmentation treatment designed to reduce the accumulation of epidemically located melanin. It effectively inhibits the tyrosinase whilst stimulating epidermal differentiation and therefore accelerates epidermal cellular turnover causing the removal of already formed melanin pigment.
AGE Skin Resurfacing is an advanced anti-ageing skin resurfacing treatment to help correct typical signs of ageing. A relaxing facial treatment which is ideal for freshening and rejuvenating the skin for lift and brightening.
TCA Skin Resurfacing is a powerful acid used in the more aggressive chemical peels for skin improvement and rejuvenation. It promotes rapid skin improvement and also dermal collagen remodelling. The acid damages the surface of the skin, which then causes healing and repair. This uses a unique delivery complex PH-DVC™, which transports the TCA molecules into the deeper skin layers allowing the active ingredients to work deeper within the skin rather than damaging the surface. This complex significantly reduces skin injury.

Pricing: First time Peels: $695.00 to $595.00 Repeat Peels: $150.00 to $180.00
Downtime: Temporary dryness, may be some peeling occurring days 2 to 7
Discomfort Level: Minimal, expect redness, tingling, tightening

– 30 to 60 min


Dermaplaning removes dead skin, vellus hair (peach fuzz) using a special surgical grade blade.  The treatment results in a more refined, smooth glowing appearance. Increases blood and lymph flow while also increasing product penetration. Treatment has the option to include Hydration Mask and Healite session.

Pricing: $150.00 (includes Mask and Healite) or $99.00 (includes cream mask)
Downtime: None
Discomfort Level: None

– 45 to 75 min


Hydrafacial is a non-invasive treatment that is designed to promote healthy skin. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, leaving you skin with a soft, smooth, hydrated and healthy glow. Ideal for people with very dry skin or those with oily skin prone to congestion.

Pricing: $225.00 (Signature treatment) or $325.00 (Deluxe treatment includes personalised booster, LED & Dermaplaning treatment)
Downtime: Redness and tingling (These generally subside within a couple of hours).
Discomfort Level: None

– 45 min


A professional skin resurfacing treatment is infused into the skin with a nano cartridge for deeper penetration of active ingredients. The natural occurring acids help to remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, encouraging cellular turnover and bringing new healthy cells to the surface of the skin. A treatment for smoother and brighter skin. Excellent for congested skin!

Pricing: $249.00
Downtime: The skin may be pink for 4-6 hours after treatment.
Discomfort Level: Minimal discomfort.

– 45 to 75 min


Exomide, derived from human stem cells, is a cutting edge skincare treatment. It contains 5 billion Exosomes, 17 Amino Acids, 6 Peptides, 8 Hyaluronic Acids, Niacinamide and Glutathione. Applied topically after procedures like Secret RF or Dermal Needling, it accelerates skin healing and rejuvenation.

Pricing: An additional $300 per treatment when paired with Dermal Needling or Secret RF.
Downtime: Redness, bruising and inflammation may occur 24-48 hours after treatment (This is from the Secret RF, the Exomide itself is painless)
Discomfort Level: Moderate